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Welcome to the Xénotale wiki, the most official and complete source of informations about Xénotale.

This wiki is a wiki that have for objective to introduce Xénotale, an Undertale alternate universe. The AU is in writing and is shared by scriptural stories.

This wiki contains actually 41 articles and 5 files.

About Xénotale
Xénotale is an AU (Alternate Universe) of Undertale created on September 22, 2018 by Zeno Dreemurr

The story happens in the Underground, where Frisk, after having accepted the proposal of a voice, begins to become more and more insane, starting a game with the monsters. However, during the story, she discovers that a lot more things happened and happen in the Underground.

Featured article
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Xéno!Chara is the Chara of Xénotale. She is one of the two persons who follow Frisk throughout her journey in the Underground. (more...)

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